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Donate to the Elpis Foundation

The Elpis Foundation is fortunate to have donors throughout Europe and the United States.  As a result, there are several ways to donate to Elpis.  Please choose whatever option best fits your situation.  If such an options does not exit, or have any questions or recommendations, please use the "Donation Inquiry" form at the bottom of this page.

Due to technology or tax considerations, some options will result in a donation to our U.S. partner - International Christian Enterprise (ICE)* - our partners for over 20 years.  Be sure to include designation for "Elpis" or one of its projects.

*For U.S. Donors: International Christian Enterprise, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers are normally setup with your bank or a third party provider such as Western Union. Banks may or may not charge a fee depending on whether or not the sending and receiving banks are in the same system and/or country.  Be sure to know these fees before setting up a transfer.  Currency exchange rates may also apply.


Elpis can accept transfers in the 3 currencies.

Click on your desired currency to display the associated IBAN  Account Information

Wire Transfer

Credit Card or PayPal

Donations may be received from any major Credit Card or PayPal though ICE.  No PayPal account is required for donations using a Credit Card, however the credit card processing is performed by PayPal.

Note: Although we are currently only setup to receive donations using Credit Card or PayPal through our US Partners at  ICE., we are researching a similar configuration that will receive donations directly to Elpis Foundation.



Credit Card/PayPal

Contact ICE

You may mail checks or use other options that are available only through our partnership with ICE.  Please review their donation website for this information.  

Any donations that are designated for "Elpis" or with the name of an Elpis Project be made available to us

Checks or Other Options
Donation Suggestion

There are many ways to make donations or transfer funds.  Please let us know if you would like to make donations using an option the is not currently available.

There may be technical or regional consideration, but we will review your recommendation and keep you notified.

Thank you for your recommendation.  Someone will get back to you after we have been able to research the options.

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